Bob Sdrunk

Handmade in Italy, Bob Sdrunk redesigns vintage British eyewear of the 60’s and 70’s.

Res Rei

Eyewear connoisseurs will appreciate Res Rei’s bold aesthetics backed by seamless comfort and creative functionality. Handmade in Italy with love.


Illesteva is focused on pushing traditional boundaries of design by exploring fresh shapes and unexpected motifs. Made in Italy.

Projekt Produkt

Every project sees life through muses and artists. Projekt Produkt suggests new directions into fashionable eyewear in every collection. You have never seen such a mix before. Made in Korea.


Spektre is easy going, colourful and very, very fashionable. The brand has launched collaborations with fashion gurus. Made in Italy.


Research of design that fits opposites together, blending them to create a coexistence of different industrial cultures and materials. Made in Italy.